New Patients

New Patients

Thank you for choosing Aspen Mountain Dermatology. Our personable and skilled staff provides exceptional health care, and we look forward to serving your entire family’s dermatologic needs in our state of the art facility.

What can I expect at my full skin check?

If this is your first skin examination, it’s quite natural to feel some trepidation. The reality, though, isn’t very intimidating. The screening is a very simple office visit that usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes.


We like to start by asking questions about your personal and family history of skin cancer and disease. We’ll ask if you have any specific concerns or any new or changing lesions, and we’ll often address these areas first. Then your provider will visually inspect your skin, scanning for suspicious lesions that could indicate a cancerous or precancerous condition. During the exam, the dermatologist may utilize a dermatoscope, a tool that magnifies and applies special light to areas of the skin to aid in differentiating malignant and benign lesions.


We understand that some patients are more modest than others, so we’re very respectful and considerate during your skin cancer screening. Please let your provider know if you would rather not have an area of your body screened.


During your exam, please feel free to point out any areas of concern and ask questions. If you have a personal history of skin cancer or a strong family history of some types of skin cancer, we may recommend more frequent skin checks.

New Patient Packet

A comprehensive packet for new patients


Dermatology Medical History

To give us a background on a new patient’s dermatological history


Medical Records Form

If you’d like to obtain records from a previous physician’s office or if you’d like us to release your records to another physician’s office, please submit a completed Medical Records Form.


To let us know if we can leave messages with people/what phone numbers and patient insurance info.

No Show Policy


Financial Policy


Authorization to Treat Minor Patients Form

Any patient under the age of 18, if coming alone to their appointment or having someone other than legal guardian/parent accompany, needs to have this form signed by a parent/guardian.

Notice of Privacy Practices


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Therapy Dogs


Luonna is our 11-year-old Golden Retriever. She has 4 years of therapy dog experience and loves to keep people company during their office visits. She is especially calming for our pediatric patients.


In her free time, she enjoys chasing squirrels (although at a much slower pace these days), eating, hiking, chasing balls, and fishing. She also currently serves as a full-time nanny dog to Dr. Pivik’s children.


Luonna is partially retired, so she doesn’t work full-time. If you’d like Luonna to join you during your visit, please notify our office when you make your appointment and we’ll do our best to have her here during your visit. If you are allergic to dogs or have a fear of dogs, or if dogs just make you uncomfortable, please let us know before your appointment and we’ll make sure Luonna isn’t in the office that day.


Dr. Karla Snider Pivik and MooseMoose is our newest therapy dog in training. He is currently under the direction of our highly experienced girl, Luonna. As Luonna moves toward full retirement Moose will be spending more time in the office.

In his free time, Moose enjoys going for hikes, playing with Dr. Pivik’s children and swimming.

Our therapy dogs are not always in the office. If you’d like Luonna or Moose to join you during your visit, please notify our office when you make your appointment and we’ll do our best to have one of them present during your visit.

If you are allergic to dogs, have a fear of dogs, or if dogs just make you uncomfortable, no problem. Please let us know before your appointment and we’ll make sure our canine friends are not in the office that day.

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